Why Each League of Legends Player Should Purchase A 2nd LoL Account

If you’re a big fan of video gaming then you’ve probably heard of League of Legends. It’s only the most popular online MOBA in the world with over 79 million hyper monthly summoners!

Not matter if you’re a diehard League of Legends fanboy or you just love participating in a few casual games, every LoL player needs a smurf account. If you haven’t come across a smurf account and don’t know what 1 is, then you’re in for a shock. Not only will buying a smurf account make you a much better player, but it will also save you great deals of time.

To help you see why owning a League of Legends smurf account is so useful, we’re looking at all the best advantages. So if you’re thinking why someone would buy a League of Legends account then listen up, you’re about to find out.

Save Bunches of Precious Time

1 of the primary reasons that a lot of gamers buy a LoL smurf account is the fact that it saves them lots of time. Not just a little bit of time, but a MASSIVE period of time. Currently, before players are allowed to play ranked games, they must 1st reach level 30. Since all accounts start off at the lowest level, this can take a very long time to level up.

To speed things up, many gamers resort to buying an account. Not only does this let gamers jump straight into the action, but it also skips the boring task of leveling. Considering the price of smurf accounts are only around ten dollars, it’s a reasonable price to buy one.

Grasp A Different Champion ‘s Skills

League of Legends Champion

Another reason gamers buy League of Legends accounts is that they are good for practising new characters. When a new champion comes out and you want to take them for a spin, it’s best not to do it on your main account. The chances are you’ll want to play ranked matches to get the full experience, but why risk losing your ranking?

Instead, you can practice on an another account where your ranking is never in danger. This means if you wreck everyone you’ll have the opportunity to pass the knowledge over to your primary account. However, if you do bad, then you won’t forfeit any precious ranking.

This technique of playing on a second account to practice is very common and even the professionals do it. If the pro’s have a smurf account to train their skills, then you should too!

Pwn Noobs On Different Servers

Have you ever preferred to game on a different server region but didn’t want to lose your pals? Why not play on both? Well with a smurf account you can!

One of the many advantages of a smurf account is that it allows you to own an account in another region. This means you can easily swap between EUW and LAN without needing to keep purchasing a server transfer . It’s also good if you want to play with international friends or just see how tough other region’s ranked matches are. By having a smurf account, you can swap over at any time and get the best League of Legends experience.

Protect Your Real Identity

Anonymous Mask

Sometimes when you play League of Legends, you don’t want other players to know who you are. Maybe you’re hiding from your mates and trolling them, or maybe you don’t want anyone to recognise your name. Whatever the reason, having a LoL smurf account is the best way to hide your ** identity.

It’s very common for professional online gamers and pro players to have several LoL accounts in their armory. Being a pro e-sports player has a lot of pressure especially when everyone expects you to perform so well in game. Sometimes players just want to play for fun and chill, just like before they became famous. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to do that when you have a famous name. If Uzi joined your match then everyone would lose it.

However, by having a 2nd , these pros can remain anonymous allowing them to enjoy the match. You might not be a professional yourself, but if you have buds that keep annoying you in chat, then it might be time to get a second account.

Annoy Other Summoners **

Have you ever been banned in game for scripting or being too offensive? Make sure it doesn’t happen again with a smurf account.

There’s nothing worse than getting your primary account suspended for something minor like feeding. Do you really want to risk your account, rare skins and rewards being banned forever? If you do want to have some fun and laugh at other players then you need to do it on a secondary account. This way you can do anything you want and if you do happen to get banned it doesn’t matter. Since you won’t lose anything of value, it’s best to always make sure you troll on a second account.

Wreck Other Summoners for LoLz

Do you remember when you first started playing LoL and you played with all those noobs? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could go back and destroy them? Well with a secondary account you can!

Since all smurf accounts come level 1 and with no MMR, this allows the player to join low games. Since low elo is full of bad players, you’ll comfortably be able to wreck them all and leave them crying, which is very funny!

If you try doing this on your normal account then your rating will match you with harder players. Not ideal if you just want to have lots of fun.

Jump Straight Into The Game

As you can see, there are a million reasons why someone would want to buy a League of Legends account. Not only does it save you money, but there are also plenty of other uses.

If you don’t intend to take a chance losing your rating or spend money constantly switching regions, then a LoL smurf account is for you. If you’re looking for a League of Legends account then don’t forget to visit lol-smurfs.com, the best place to buy League accounts.